Next Generation
Drug Delivery Module: DDM

Use of DDM delivery is a novel and more versatile, simpler and more efficient approach to targeted conveyance with the following benefits:

CROMOC biomolecules are polypeptides that contain a DNA recognition-site specific endonuclease fused to a highly selective liver sorting peptide. CROMOC biomolecules preferentially target tumor cells through cleavage of active chromatin. The first product, CROMOC, is profiled in several forms of cancer, including liver and lung cancer.

  • Efficient drug delivery – an order of magnitude higher than current cell penetrating peptides
  • Delivery of high molecular mass cargo
  • Optimized drug-like properties
  • Straightforward production
  • Improved tissue selectivity
  • Broad range of targets accessible

The delivery of large biomolecules into cells has been a challenge for decades, initial approaches using cell penetrating peptides lacked efficiency and exhibited disadvantageous production and pharmacokinetic properties. We have developed a proprietary Drug delivery module DDM which facilitates the efficient cellular uptake of cargo, enabling the transport of small drugs as well as biomolecules with high molecular mass. The delivery module can readily be attached to future drug candidates for systemic application due to optimization regarding pharmacokinetics, bio-distribution, toxicology and production. Enrichment in specific compartments can be realized using different proprietary DDM sequences. Applications using a wide range of endonucleases have been successfully tested and indicate the potential to develop a broad range of novel DDM-based therapeutics.

PDF is available for download here.